2015 Ford Evos

2015 Ford Evos

Ford is the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 years introduced the concept version EVOs models, however this model has not yet been realized. For the latest information, Ford has decided that the final version of this concept show over 2015 years, so the model EVOs have still a model year 2015. Ford is a concept that goes a step further, and at the same time showing us how it will look as models of the manufacturer.

Design of 2015 Ford Evos

The concept is designed with real stylish looks. The model is classic coupe, like the Aston Martin models. Long by 4.5 meters wide, almost like a Lamborghini Aventador around 1.97’m high as the Audi TT around 1.36 m.Model has a back door, which is also open to the above, while the B pillars do not exist. A narrow piece of glass in the middle of the roof connects the windscreen made with the last glass, and the rest of the roof surface is raised along with the gates opening thereof. The interior is characterized by four seats with lots of futuristic details.

Engine and Performance of 2015 Ford Evos

Ford launches EVOs concept plug-in hybrid powertrain that uses a 2.0L petrol engine and electric motor. The total range of motion of this model is 800 km. It is a vehicle that is 4.5 m long, 1.97m wide and 1.36m high.

Release date and Price of 2015 Ford Evos

The concept was introduced in 2011 years, production will begin in late 2014 years, and the first models will be on the market during 2015 years, for now Nemo information about prices.

Images and Picture of new Ford Evos Concept

2015 Ford Evos back

2015 Ford Evos Interior

2015 Ford Evos Side

2015 Ford Evos

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