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2017 Ford Capri Restyled

2017 Ford Capri Restyled

The Ford Capri was produced by the Ford between 1989 and 1994 so driving this car feels like you are really in classic 80s.
That confirms also his design.
The first release came with a single cam TX3 engine or Turbo twin cam,and later on changed to a non-turbo twin cam with the Series 2.
The Capri got then stronger turbo brakes as well as manual /auto options.
This sport car offered hatchback and convertible in a really great style.
Now we expect the further more – 2017 Ford Capri Restyled.

2018 Ford F-250 Super Chief

chief 3

Ford really innovates in the truck production and as a result we have a new 2015 Ford F-250 Super Chief. It is about a concept that can run on three different types of fuel.
It is a tri flex fuel system .
The production date is still unknown and the possible price might reach $90.000.

2017 Ford Raptor Review

raptor 3

Ford line of trucks announces new Raptor extremely powerful and fast as well.
The 2017 Ford Raptor continues to follow its successful older model.
It has been released in January 2015 and has a lot modifications if we compare it with the previous models.Anyway we have here a truck with high performance.

2015 Ford Explorer New Model

2017 Ford Raptor Review

If you ask what was the best selling SUV you will get the answer that it is The Ford Explorer.
Maybe one of the reasons are the comfort that offers spacious interior,reliability on every terrain and off road.
2015 Ford Explorer New Model is a great Suv for the day activities. A great family car. Looks like athlete and it has ford 3 bar grille and quite modern headlights.

2016 Release Date Ford Mustang

mustang 2

The Ford Company presented the Mustang model year 2016.
Since the model was completely new for 2015, changes for MY2016 are small, but include new equipment packages and a variety of options when it comes to design.
EcoBoost Mustang Premium can be equipped with the new Pony Package, which includes emblem, lateral line, chrome strips and unique 19-inch alloy wheels.
Mustang GT customers can order a new Black Accent package, which brings the black rear spoiler, black emblems and special 19-inch wheels.

Soon the new Ford Focus Vignale

vignale 2

As it was announced last year at the promotion of the new Mondeo in Europe, Ford enriched
Offer of the model with a new top version called Vignale.
Focus Vignale will appear on the market soon, in sedan and station wagon versions, while prices in the UK start from 29,045 pounds.

Presented the new 2015 Ford Mondeo

2015 Ford Fusion Future

Ford Mondeo with the relevant European specifications displayed at the Paris Motor Show two years as the visitors had a chance to see him at the same event.

Improved engine of the new Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang EcoBoost 2015

Pressing the accelerator pedal, the Mustang fans expect to hear a distinctive, thundering sound that is characteristic of the car. It seems that the sound EcoBoost engine in the new Mustang was not satisfactory, so the engineers had to artificially improve.

Enhanced Ford Fiesta ST model

2014 Ford Fiesta ST-3

British tuner Graham Goode Racing is sure to accentuate 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine in the Ford Fiesta ST, which in Infant release otherwise disposes of 180 hp and 290 Nm.

New Mustang gets the steering wheel on the right side

Ford Mustang Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning

For the first time in the history of the Ford Mustang was made ​​in which the steering wheel is on the right. American manufacturer believes that the version of the markets in which it drives the left side of the key to success in sales growth Mustangs in the world and the opportunity that this car become a global model.