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Soon 2016 Ford Taurus

ford taurus 2016

Ford Taurus languishing for years but it looks like the next-generation model will get a significant improvement compared to its predecessor.

Ford Jiayue

Ford Jiayue

Ford will be the Chinese market form its sub-brand, which will be called by earlier announcements Jiayue. Jiayue means “step forward on”, and Ford would be present a progress in the Asian market.

The new Ford Mustang is desired by Europeans

2014 ford edge

Ford wants to increase sales of its cars in the European market. The company’s strategy foresees the introduction of new models that have so far sold only on the American continent, such as SUVs and Ecosport Edge.

Ford has opened more than 88 new showrooms

ford showrooms

Ford’s global development context, the decision to market the focus towards an new, rapidly growing markets, began an offensive in China.

Ford Falcon will retreats in 2016 year

ford falcon 2016

One of Ford’s most popular products Falcon with the Australian market could be shut down after the 2016th year, because of the expensive equipment and sales.

2015 Ford Edge presented!

2015 ford edge

Ford has unveiled the final version of the Edge model for year 2015. The car will be on the market by the end of this week. Model will cost about $ 29.000 as new.

Ford will continue producing models in Europe

ford fiest make

Ford will continue to be a product of Fiesta in the factory in Cologne and, after 2016, after a several successfully completed negotiations with the workers.

Ford on postage stamps

ford posage

For collectors of stamps each new edition represents an event. “Across the pond” comes news that will be particularly car lovers.

Ford will make a plastic of tomato

ford tomato

Ford plans to, in cooperation with the manufacturer of Heinz ketchup, tomato introduced as a feedstock in the production of cars.

Ford throws chemical battery

chemical battery

It was a matter of time before one of the longest-running technology under the covers of our car battery, to say goodbye, but if you ask Ford, it could happen sooner rather than later.