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Ford Adaptive Steering

Ford  Adaptive Steering

Ford introduced a new system that is supposed to save energy and make the car more economical. This system has so far proved successful.

2015 Ford Mustang heavier than its predecessor

2015 Ford Mustang

According to the latest information model 2015 Ford Mustang is between 90 and weighs 135kg compared to the outgoing model. This is information that comes from Steed company that manufactures and sells Mustang parts in the USA.

2015 Ford Ecosport available in Europe

2015 Ford Ecosport available in Europe

Ford Ecosport for the year 2015 is available for purchase on the European market. This model has been uncertain for the European market, Ford has decided that the Europeans and the chance to have this car.

Ford Escape and Explorer Recall

escape and explorer

U.S. carmaker Ford will withdraw from the market of North America 1.39 million vehicles because of problems with management, it was announced from the company.

Martin Smith is no longer a designer

ford design

The man who was responsible for the design of the latest generation of Ford’s European models, Martin Smith, retired from the position of head of the design after ten years.

Ford Fiesta is the best small car in Europe

2015 Ford Fiesta

2014 Ford Fiesta was the best-selling car in Europe in the small car category. This model has achieved incredible success with as many as 85,639 vehicles sold.

Ford increased earnings

ford motor show 2014

Ford are on European market increased its sales model by 7% last month sold 99,700 vehicles in 20 major European markets, while in April 2013th their number was 93,500.

White hatchback petrol with manual gearbox is ideal Ford model in Europe

Ford Europe

Ford has conducted research in Europe, which covered the details that decide to purchase a car. Ford customers in Europe prefer the white color of the car, hatchback body shape, petrol and the manual gearbox, according to a survey conducted by the manufacturer on the European market.

Ford Escape Recall

ford escape recall

Ford has announced that it will call for extraordinary service to be sent to the owners of SUVs Escape, a controversial cars manufactured between in 2001., And the 2004th year. The cause of the withdrawal of nearly 400,000 vehicles to the U.S. market and Canada is rust on the chassis that can lead to problems with operation of a vehicle.

The Toyota Corolla is successful sales then Ford Focus?

ford toyota

Toyota denied, that Ford’s best-selling car in 2013. The Japanese company has announced two data obtained on the basis of two different ways of computing and, in their words, both show that the 2013th sold more than Corolla Focus.