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Ford Mustang at the top of the building

ford mustang

Ford presented the convertible version of the latest generation model Mustang on top Empire bilding in New York State, and the car is at this location is set to an extremely unusual way.

Ford again in Formula 1?

ford formula 1

Ford and BMW have some time thinking about returning to Formula 1 rumors are encourage comments the former head of the F1 team owner, Gian Carlo Minardi, who said that a revolutionary new rules on turbo V6 engines are designed only current suppliers Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault.

Ford Focus is the best-selling car in 2013

Ford Focus Best

Ford company is one of the best companies in the world that manufactures cars, so it is no surprise that the Ford Focus model became the best-selling model in 2013 year.

Ford leaves Russia

Ford Russia

Since Daimler slowed talks with Russian partners on expanding its production capacity in Russia, the U.S. carmaker Ford has announced the release of 950 workers from two factories.

Simulation of drunken driving by Ford

ford motor show 2014

To evoke the young drivers how alcohol affects their ability to control the car, Ford has created a simple simulation which affects reflexes and sharp senses driving.

Chinese like the Ford Focus

2014 Ford Focus China

2014 Ford Focus has become very popular in China, sales of this model is higher by almost 53% compared to last year. Ford Focus are also known as Ford Hidalgo model.

Ford at the Geneva Auto Show 2014

ford motor show 2014

Ford Motor are at the European Motor Show unveiled the new vehicles which reflect the progress already achieved in the transformation of the production company.

Diesel engine for the 2015 Ford Focus

Ford made ​​the diesel engine for the 2015 Focus

Ford has made ​​a new diesel engine, specially for the new 2015 Ford Focus model. The biggest difference between the Focus models from 2014 and new model from 2015 will just be a new diesel engine.