Ford and Nokia create smarter EVOs cars

ford nokia

Ford has recently unveiled the first in the world the concept of the smart car, via cloud services to communicate with their environment, teaches and helps the owner to better exploit business, especially free time.

A constant connection to the Internet and services based on Cloud technology, EVOs learned weather conditions, traffic and other information, based on which calculates when to wake up to the owner. If someone has canceled a meeting or be delayed EVOs will promptly notify its owner, as it will after leaving the garage door to give the command to close, and the house that goes into power saving mode.

If you listen to music on your tablet or phone, EVOs will be downloaded through a wireless connection and let it through your car speakers, as you will read accrued mails and messages, but also to show the display attachment or favorite pictures and videos. All these things generally, does not have to be in the phone or on the computer – it is sufficient that they are based on cloud services and related properly, to the car alone all withdrew when it appears or the owner requests it. Via voice, of course – without knocking and typing.

Nokia Maps to their mobile services and boost EVOs concept vehicle, so that it will be able to independently perform navigation and on the basis of information obtained from the Service Nokia Weather and Traffic calculating the best route and adjust to driving conditions on the road.

If someone steals EVOs vehicle or attempts to forcibly open, the car will immediately call the owner, and the previous block all major automotive functions, such as the gearbox and fuel supply. If by some miracle still goes EVOs, the user will be able to on your phone to accompany him with a detailed folder of movement.

Ford EVOs are constantly fed via a Wi-Fi network via direct charge the latest technology, which is said to be integrated into the garage, and give to two days of use per night charge. Ford is currently only EVOs and concept The still no data on serial production.

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