Improved engine of the new Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang EcoBoost 2015

Pressing the accelerator pedal, the Mustang fans expect to hear a distinctive, thundering sound that is characteristic of the car. It seems that the sound EcoBoost engine in the new Mustang was not satisfactory, so the engineers had to artificially improve.

When he pulled out an electrical fuse in the vehicle, he noticed that the audio device in your car quieted, but the same thing happened with the engine sound that is heard in the cabin. Ford has confirmed that the Mustang 2.3 EcoBoost installed called Active Noise Control system, and the company says that the system has a dual function.

“His role is to filter out some nasty, rough sound coming from the engine, but also to reinforce some sound characteristics that are naturally present in the engine,” said Ford engineer Shawn Carney. He added that the system was developed in cooperation with the fans, Mustang, after being asked Ford to choose the best of several available audio concepts.

Ford has previously intervened in the sound engine in their models, so the Focus ST 2.0 EcoBoost equipped Sound System Symposer.

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