2015 Ford Transit

2015 Ford Transit

Ford last year introduced a standard Transit model, as well as the Courier and Tourner versions. The standard model is now introduced to the market. The model is the successor to the popular Ford E Series vans.

2015 Ford Mustang GT350

2015 Ford Mustang GT350

New Ford Mustang GT350 will be the latest information premiere on September 19, and the event Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge in Austin, Texas.

Ford Mustang poorly in Nuremberg

Ford Mustang EcoBoost 2015

The famous track in Germany is where the vast majority of manufacturers of cars tested their models but that does not mean that it is not easy to run, which is on his skin felt and this test driver.

Ford Sierra

Ford Sierra

Until now car companies are competing who will be the first who introduced a new design detail or technical innovation, Ford Sierra showed us to be ahead of its time is not always a good thing.

2015 Ford Territory Facelift

2015 Ford Territory

Ford Australia has released the official image of the redesigned models Territory, with the announcement that this will be the last version of this model will be produced in Australia, namely Ford Elementary School earlier announced his plans that until October 2016 to close its manufacturing facilities in Australia.

Ford 1.0 liter EcoBoost Engine Popular

Ford ecoboost 1.0 liter

Ford, in his statement announced that one in five Ford sold in the European market this year had a 1.0-liter three-cylinder embedded EcoBoost engine.

2015 Ford Mondeo Launched

2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Since the launch of the new Mondeo in last two years, and this model is not yet available to European customers. Ford has announced that the fifth generation of his limo in October finally arrive in dealerships in Europe.

Ford Transit Recall

2015 Ford Transit Courier Side

Ford has announced that they will recall more than 3000 Transit models. Ford is always recalling about 1,319 2015 Transit Cargo Van models for potential brake fluid leak at the joint between the rear brake hose and brake caliper. Any leak could lead to extended stopping distances resulting in an accident.

2015 Ford Focus Turnier

2015 Ford Focus Turnier

Ford has recently unveiled the latest version of the Focus Turnier for model year 2015. 2015 Focus model with the addition Tourney quite comfortable, but takes a lot of places in the garage. The model has exactly the same engine as in the standard version, and even the design is not quite different, because it only changes the dimensions.

Ford keeps workers

ford motor show 2014

Stephen Odel, Executive Vice President and President, Ford Motor Europe, Middle East and Africa, suggesting an open letter to political decision-makers and other stakeholders across the European Union, calling for joint action to preserve jobs, promote economic growth and improve competitiveness.