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2016 Release Date Ford Focus RS

2016 Ford Focus RS 11

Having first introduced the restored version of the standard Focus (hatchback, wagon and sedan), and then the Focus ST facelift, Ford will show next month and the strongest version of this model – the new Focus RS.

The official premiere is on 3 February, and until then before us, and short teaser video that announced the imminent promotion.
Ford is normally at the end of last year and officially confirmed that it plans to offer the new Focus RS on all of its most important markets including the United States.

2015 Ford Focus RS on Test

2016 Ford Focus RS

Ford in April delayed the presentation of the strongest version of the Focus for 2016. In the meantime, the company is focused on performance testing of prototypes to new test track.

2015 Ford Focus ST Diesel

2015 Ford Focus ST Diesel

Ford introduced the diesel version of the latest Focus ST model 2015th New Focus Diesel premiered at the Goodwood Festival which is held in the UK.

White hatchback petrol with manual gearbox is ideal Ford model in Europe

Ford Europe

Ford has conducted research in Europe, which covered the details that decide to purchase a car. Ford customers in Europe prefer the white color of the car, hatchback body shape, petrol and the manual gearbox, according to a survey conducted by the manufacturer on the European market.

The Toyota Corolla is successful sales then Ford Focus?

ford toyota

Toyota denied, that Ford’s best-selling car in 2013. The Japanese company has announced two data obtained on the basis of two different ways of computing and, in their words, both show that the 2013th sold more than Corolla Focus.

Diesel engine for the 2015 Ford Focus

Ford made ​​the diesel engine for the 2015 Focus

Ford has made ​​a new diesel engine, specially for the new 2015 Ford Focus model. The biggest difference between the Focus models from 2014 and new model from 2015 will just be a new diesel engine.

2014 Ford C-MAX Hybrid

2014 Ford C-MAX Hybrid

Ford introduced a hybrid version of the new C-MAX model, this hybrid is available for purchase and has already won the hearts of many fans of hybrids.