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2015 Ford Explorer New Model

2017 Ford Raptor Review

If you ask what was the best selling SUV you will get the answer that it is The Ford Explorer.
Maybe one of the reasons are the comfort that offers spacious interior,reliability on every terrain and off road.
2015 Ford Explorer New Model is a great Suv for the day activities. A great family car. Looks like athlete and it has ford 3 bar grille and quite modern headlights.

Ford Escape and Explorer Recall

escape and explorer

U.S. carmaker Ford will withdraw from the market of North America 1.39 million vehicles because of problems with management, it was announced from the company.

2014 Ford Explorer Sport

2014 Ford Explorer Sport new

Introduced a new Sport Package Explorer model 2014 years. This is the first restored version Sport package for the Explorer model, of how he first.

2015 Ford Explorer

2015 Ford Explorer

Ford has announced the concept for the latest version of Explorer model for 2015 year, The new Explorer has a completely new look, little futuristic compared to the previous Explorer models.

2014 Ford Explorer

ford explorer 2014

The new Ford Explorer for 2014th year has delighted fans of all sports SUVs. This is one of the best Ford models sold around the world each day and recording an increasing success and popularity.

Ford at the Geneva Auto Show 2014

ford motor show 2014

Ford Motor are at the European Motor Show unveiled the new vehicles which reflect the progress already achieved in the transformation of the production company.