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2015 Ford Focus Wallpaper

ford focus hd

Here are 5 great and beautiful images of the most popular Ford car of all time – Focus. Ford Focus is the best selling car right now, here are some pictures for your desktop, all wallpaper picture are in HD format and they are compresed.

2015 Ford Fiesta 1.0

Ford Fiesta Titanium

Ford’s new one-liter EcoBoost with 140 hp is the most powerful ever made ​​one liter standard automotive engine. This unit per liter working volume delivers more power from the engines that drive supercars such as Ferrari and Bugatti Veryon 480 Special.

2015 Ford Focus Turnier

2015 Ford Focus Turnier

Ford has recently unveiled the latest version of the Focus Turnier for model year 2015. 2015 Focus model with the addition Tourney quite comfortable, but takes a lot of places in the garage. The model has exactly the same engine as in the standard version, and even the design is not quite different, because it only changes the dimensions.

2015 Ford Focus

2015 Ford Focus new

Ford has unveiled the latest Focus model for year 2015. The new model has three variants hatchback, sedan and wagon. Ford Focus applies to Ford’s best-selling car.

Diesel engine for the 2015 Ford Focus

Ford made ​​the diesel engine for the 2015 Focus

Ford has made ​​a new diesel engine, specially for the new 2015 Ford Focus model. The biggest difference between the Focus models from 2014 and new model from 2015 will just be a new diesel engine.