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2016 Release Date Ford Focus RS

2016 Ford Focus RS 11

Having first introduced the restored version of the standard Focus (hatchback, wagon and sedan), and then the Focus ST facelift, Ford will show next month and the strongest version of this model – the new Focus RS.

The official premiere is on 3 February, and until then before us, and short teaser video that announced the imminent promotion.
Ford is normally at the end of last year and officially confirmed that it plans to offer the new Focus RS on all of its most important markets including the United States.

2015 Ford C-MAX

2015 Ford C-MAX

Ford Motor Company is a modern, new C-MAX with a new aerodynamic exterior design, beautifully made ​​interior with enhanced storage solutions and excellent fuel efficiency and a lower carbon-dioxide emissions.

New Ford C-Max ST

New Ford C-Max ST

Ford plans to soon introduce the latest ST version of the popular C-MAX models. This car will be a sporty Smax model that should be stronger and better than the standard version. For now, there is no informations about the release date and price models.

Ford prepares a new packages

ford motor show 2014

Grand Motors and its network of authorized sales and service partners of recently offered the current generation Ford Focus with a new, modern gas power aggregate-liter EcoBoost engine with 100hp and packages Trend by another more attractive price of 11,990 euros.

2016 Ford Focus RS 4×4

2016 Ford Focus RS

Most recent information on the new Focus RS will say that this model is the market by 2016 and that, despite earlier information on front-wheel drive, with him in fact be incorporated newly developed drive to all four wheels.

New Ford Sync

Ford Sync

Ford has announced that it has produced a 10-millionth vehicle equipped with the award-winning system linking the car Ford SYNC. The technology was introduced by Ford in Europe last year, is now available on the B-Max, Fiesta, Focus, C-MAX and Grand C-MAX, Kuga and Transit Custom, and it was first launched in the United States six years ago.

2015 Ford Focus RS on Test

2016 Ford Focus RS

Ford in April delayed the presentation of the strongest version of the Focus for 2016. In the meantime, the company is focused on performance testing of prototypes to new test track.

2015 Ford Fiesta 1.0

Ford Fiesta Titanium

Ford’s new one-liter EcoBoost with 140 hp is the most powerful ever made ​​one liter standard automotive engine. This unit per liter working volume delivers more power from the engines that drive supercars such as Ferrari and Bugatti Veryon 480 Special.

2013 Ford Escape Recall

2014 Ford Escape

Ford has announced that it will revoke all versions Escape models that were manufactured for 2013 model year. This model has big problems to be solved!

Ford 1.0 liter EcoBoost Engine Popular

Ford ecoboost 1.0 liter

Ford, in his statement announced that one in five Ford sold in the European market this year had a 1.0-liter three-cylinder embedded EcoBoost engine.