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Ford Escape Recall

ford escape

Ford announced on Friday that the North American market pull 850,000 cars due to a problem with the airbag system. It is estimated that a removal of fault in the recalled vehicles to the American company would cost about half a billion dollars.

Ford Fiesta Recall

2015 Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta is the model that most recall. Now it is again detected a fault on the newer models Ford Fiesta. Year 2014 and was named a record year revocation for a number of manufacturers who for various reasons had to call the owners of certain models of services.

2013 Ford Escape Recall

2014 Ford Escape

Ford has announced that it will revoke all versions Escape models that were manufactured for 2013 model year. This model has big problems to be solved!

Ford Escape and Explorer Recall

escape and explorer

U.S. carmaker Ford will withdraw from the market of North America 1.39 million vehicles because of problems with management, it was announced from the company.

Ford leaves Russia

Ford Russia

Since Daimler slowed talks with Russian partners on expanding its production capacity in Russia, the U.S. carmaker Ford has announced the release of 950 workers from two factories.